PSC Services

  • Assistance with removal of minor criminal convictions (currently Multnomah County, Oregon only). Check with website for additional counties and states in the near future depending upon funding.
  • Conversion of all or part of past due court fines and traffic fines to “meaningful” community service. (much of this depends upon your attitude or wanting to change your life)
  • Personal and Community Responsibility
    Another mandatory requirement of Project Second Chance is that all participants must attend workshops specifically dealing with changing your life. This includes your personal and community responsibilities to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and entire community. Learn ways that you can be even more of a positive influence. Learn from past mistakes and misfortunes.
  • Child Support
    In order to be an approved participant in Project Second Chance you must be willing and ready to pay child support on a continuous basis. Even though you may be delinquent in your payments, Project Second Chance can refer you so you can possibly set up satisfactory payment arrangements. Please note that this is a deal breaker.If you have delinquent child support obligations and not willing to make payment arrangements, there is no sense in wasting your time or ours. Child Support Enforcement is a vital partner to Project Second Chance and will send an approval to motor vehicles department which allows you to reapply for a valid driver’s license. If you have delinquent child support, under law, it will prevent you from many opportunities, grants, licenses and much more, regardless of where you live.
  • Credit awareness and assistance
    This is a mandatory part of Project Second Chance – classroom introduction to credit awareness, education and helping you get back on the right track to becoming financially responsible. Everything from cleaning up your credit record to understanding now to manage your money.