PSC Benefits

For local governments, businesses and others to support the investments that improve the skills of workers, reduce legal impediments to employment, particularly those in minority, targeted and underserved communities. The financial drain these populations impose on the state, city and county resources can be reduced and, in fact, replenished.
  • Clears up decades of delinquent and uncollectible fines and penalties
  • Allows law enforcement, corrections, and probation staff to concentrate on hard-core criminals
  • Allows people a second or in some cases a third chance to clear up minor criminal and civil matters
  • Reinstates driver’s licenses after meeting certain criteria (i.e. insurance, community service, etc.)
  • Opens opportunities for employment, education, and housingDocument
  • Participants may be eligible for reduced insurance rates
  • Allows participants to obtain a tax paying job, instead of “alternative methods of income”
  • Ability to impose “meaningful and relevant” community service requirements
  • Establishes an effective follow-up and monitoring program to measure results
  • Administered by professionals with vast minority and community outreach, legal, education, and employment experience
  • Bridges and builds relationships between minority communities and the law enforcement and criminal justice systems